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Project Norway

Back in 2009, I discovered Norway from my bicycle seat. From this rolling perspective, the shifting landscape left a surprisingly deep impression. Neither the countless time-lapse videos nor the many documentaries made about Norwegian landscapes could have impressed me as much.

Fast forward to this year when I returned to Norway for a month in order to try and capture the sense of the sublime that I felt there four years ago. For similarly sublime musical accompaniment, I contacted Dirk, the fantastic musician behind ‘Dirk Serries’, for permission to use his ambient soundscapes.

Hiking for days and days into the Norwegian wilderness made me confront myself again and again. It was challenging at first, but after two weeks I somehow found a inner balance and started to make some great shots that conveyed an emotional connection to both what I experienced back in 2009 and the ambient soundscapes of Dirk Serries.

However, my dream came to an abrupt end when the feet of absentminded hikers sent stones tumbling down the mountain towards me and my camera. My passion, my love fell 600 meters deep into the unknown, and I barely escaped a sudden death.

Fortunately, my backups were safely stored down the valley, and three months later I am here along with what I could salvage.

It will be difficult to recover my investment, but it's worth a try. There are so many things to cover, and so many things to express. This is where you come in.

From out of the thousands of RAW files I shot, I have distilled six frames that I reworked into photographs expressing the same mood that I wanted to convey in the video. Each frame will only be printed three times for a total of 21 (6 x 3 = 18) discretely signed prints. These rare and beautiful items will be sent to the first bidders. I hope this will enable me to get a new camera and lens.

Practical information:

  1. High detail prints can be made with a size of 65cm on the longest side due to a limited resolution.
  2. Please notice that there is a minimum price of 150eur for a 65cm print. This does not include shipping or framing costs.
  3. If you would just like to donate something, this is of course also possible.

Payments can be sent through paypal using my e-mail address,